• Find, connect, engage...

    The Internet of People
    is a decentralized open-source platform
    for humans to interact and transact freely,
    privately and with no middlemen

  • Find...

    any person, anywhere in the world
    through the open social graph
    — a global map of people
    and their relationships —
    built with Graphchain technology.

  • Connect...

    your phone directly
    to any other phone in the world
    securely, privately
    and with no middlemen

    using Redtooth technology.

  • Engage...

    with people, communicate,
    interact, do business

    — with no intermediaries,
    no spying, no data mining.

Fermat is a community working to solve the most challenging puzzle in human history: the transition back from central political, economic and financial power to a world where people comes first. Download the Book of Fermat to learn more.

Book of Fermat  

Your business
on the Internet of People

For digital businesses looking to scale globally and cost-effectively,
the Internet of People offers the world’s only infrastructure with ...

Open Social Graph

It's a global map with verified proof of people's relationships, open for everyone to use and contribute to. Think of it as a Facebook + Google + LinkedIn + every other database combined, but open for you to use freely and innovate in permission-less way.

Direct Access to People

It enables people-to-people and company-to-people interactions without going through silos. The Internet of People removes all unnecessary intermediaries, including your own servers, allowing you to scale globally and cost-effectively.

Device-to-Device Communication

The Internet of People works pretty much like the World Wide Web. However, instead of using web servers, it uses profile servers to connect to people's mobile devices. Think of it as Bluetooth but with a global range. End users can pair devices over the internet and run your app in device-to-device mode, without servers in between.