The Fermat Project is an open and decentralized community of people with a vision for building a better world

We recognize that technology plays a dominant role in everyone’s life

From commerce to science, from social life to politics, from privacy to human rights... everything around us runs on technology and digital information.

We also recognize that centralization of information and technology resources has proven to be one of the biggest threats to humanity. Those who control technology resources and the flow of information —be it corporations, states or governments— have amassed unprecedented levels of power.

This power is used for spying, fiddling with elections, attacking grassroots organizations, spreading false information, blackmailing citizens, censoring divergence, violating human rights, etc.

Indeed, power corrupts.

  • Fermat’s vision is to use technology to shift the balance of power from the current central players to a decentralized, horizontal, nonhierarchical global community of people

To realize the vision Fermat is rethinking the way people uses the Internet.

What we know as the World Wide Web (WWW) has become an ideal hub for dominant players to concentrate power at the expense of users.

What we find in the WWW is decided by a few corporations, namely Google and a few others. Facebook and a few more tech giants decide how we interact with other people; they own all our data, trade with it, track everything we do and keep a record of everything we say for their own benefit.

Governments intercept all Internet traffic and pry on everyone’s lives, with a terrible track record in terms of how they use (and protect) that information.

Giants like Amazon, Airbnb or Uber centralize commerce and online services putting a huge barrier of entry to small businesses and take a huge chunk of their profits in exchange for letting them in.

In order to combat centralization, Fermat created the Internet of People and bootstrapped the IoP Community —a decentralized organization running the infrastructure.

The Internet of People is a space within the Internet created with open-source technology, run by an open community of people through peer-to-peer networks.

It has an open social graph to find people, so that people don’t need to give away their personal info to tech corporations.

It uses direct and encrypted device-to-device communication without going through private servers to avoid prying eyes and data mining.

It offers an infrastructure for businesses to contact people without intermediaries, lowering the barriers of entry and allowing advertising money to go to the people that consume it instead of middlemen.

The Fermat Project is driven by a set of core values and objectives: increasing people’s freedom, respecting people’s privacy, decentralizing power, enabling personal data ownership, respecting diversity and fomenting collaboration instead of competition.

The Internet of People is the first step in that direction.

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